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Zeal Free Range Lamb Puffs 85g

If you have fur babies in your home, your feline and canine companion shall surely love this comforting free range lamb puffs treat made by Zeal. It comes with a savoury flavour that tantalises the taste buds. Your cat and dog will wiggle in anticipation when you get out this bag of treats. The scent alone is enough to whet their appetite. The best part, this is made with quality ingredients with nor harmful chemicals whatsover.


Key Benefits:

  • Crafted with high quality protein that supports lean muscle development
  • Packed with all natural iron for optimal health
  • Made with no grains making this the best snack for dogs and cats with allergies
  • Product is low in fat to promote a healthy heart and weight
  • Offers that much needed energy boost to your fur babies
  • Hard chewy treats that work well in fighting plaque and tartar buildup

Zeal Free Range Naturals Lamb Puffs Dog Treats 85G

SKU: 9421019150288
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