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Groomer Haz It

Professional Grooming, Pet Care & Grooming school

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VIP Program

Ask about joining our VIP program

Our VIP program helps keep you & your furry friend on a regular grooming schedule. With a regular schedule comes lower maintenance prices.

It ensures that you get your required time and day for your groom.

This means you won't stress about trying to get a last minute grooming appointment.

Our VIP program gets you;

  • 10-20% discount on services

  • Guaranteed Grooming Appointment

  • Healthy & Maintained Dog

  • Decreased chance of behavioural or matting fees

  • Priority of Christmas appointments


Dog Grooming

Groomer Haz It is run by a master level, internationally qualified groomer with almost two decades of experience. Using this experience our staff are kept up to date with the latest techniques and global grooming standards. No matter the breed, size, or behaviour of your dog our salon groomers can assist you; our salon is also built to the ensure the safety of your dog. We have a variety of pens and a daycare so your dog can visit during a groom. From farm dog to show dog, we can cater to you. 

dogs in bath
Dog Grooming
cat on table
Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming

The Groomer Haz It staff are professionally trained in the unique area of feline grooming. This means that our staff understand that grooming cats is nothing like grooming dogs! Our groomers can assist with any breed for a variety of services including baths, de-sheds, lion clips, comb slips and add ons. We have worked to build a safe space for cats, each given their own enclosed, quiet environment or the option of their own crate for comfort. Our staff work hard to ensure the groom is safe and comfortable for both your cat and our groomers. 


Our daycare can host any breed, any size and most behaviours. We provide services for those who just require a social outing or for those who require some in salon training to improve their obedience or help fix some deeper behavioural issues. Training sessions are run by an internationally qualified trainer, and behaviourist. All of our daycare sessions are provided with at least one half hour walk, provided the owners can provide correct safety equipment. Our top priority is keeping your dog safe and happy during its day with us.

dog with toy
Daycare Services

Grooming School

Students at the Groomer Haz It grooming school are taught by a master level, internationally qualified groomer with almost two decades of experience. Our students are taught the most up to date techniques and global standards in grooming. They are taught to groom any breed, style, size, and how to handle behaviours through our step by step courses. The courses are built to gradually introduce students into the industry and build key skills at their own pace. This is all conducted at our fully equipped salon.

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Woodend - Tay

Clare with Tay

Two very happy dogs after their Grooming session with Groomer Haz It!!

Thank you for your care, passion and skills with our kids!!

Highly recommend Hannah & her team!

Woodend - sweep

Steph with Sweep 

Thank you Groomer Haz It for clipping my mini poodles, the doggos were so happy to see you again, which says a lot!  You did a great job and have a lovely manner with them. I'm fussy, I like a neat face, feet and tails, which you did. They are looking so nice with their summer clip, and we look forward to seeing you in 6 weeks!

Woodend - Splash

Mandy with Splash 

Lovely treatment of my Portuguese Water Dog puppy, patient and kind. Fabulous grooming. thank you Hannah, we are so lucky to have you close by.


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